About Me

My name is Natalie Dziadon, I am a cosmetic and paramedical tattoo artist. I initially trained in the manual method of semi-permanent makeup in 2017 with Deluxe Brows. I continued training in machine methods of permanent makeup to include nano strokes, lip blushing, color corrections and other permanent cosmetic services. I am now (multi)certified in cosmetic and paramedical tattoo.  Including alkaline and plasma pen method of tattoo removal, areola tattoo for post mastectomy breast cancer patients, 3D navel, skin grafts, scar concealment including post surgical and stretch mark camouflage. I am American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM) Gold Board Certified, Certified and Credentialed as an out of network provider which allows me/our shop to file for paramedical tattoo procedure reimbursement.