Paramedical Pigmentation

3D Areola Tattoo

3D Areola Tattoo is a solution after client has undergone single or double mastectomy.  Medical micropigmentation is a federally mandated covered procedure used to restore the natural appearance of the nipple and areola following breast reconstruction surgery.

Medical Micropigmentation is a less invasive and more affordable alternative to areola reconstruction surgery. Nipples will appear 3D but flat to the touch.

Performed by a specialist, medical micropigmentation includes a consultation to assure the color, shape and size of the tattoo are all appropriate for the client's skin tone and account for scar tissue if present. If available women can bring a pre-mastectomy areola photo for their specialist. For women who have had a unilateral mastectomy, the Micropigmentation specialist will match the natural breast color to ensure a complementary appearance. This procedure may involve more than one session.

Current as an out of Network Provider with ability to help clients file for reimbursement with most medical insurances.