Paramedical Tattoo 

Tattoo Removal & Lift

Alkaline Removal is safe for Permanent Cosmetic Makeup lightening and removal as well as tattoo removal and lift. This removes and lightens any color, pigment, ink and tattoo. Works well for both fresh and old tattoos. It is safe for all skin types and can be used by both manual blade and machine. It is very gentle and effective as it acid and saline free. This technique offers removal with minimal pain and no scarring. Pigment/tattoo molecules will widen, surface to the skin and flake away.  This process may take three sessions. 

*New* Alkaplasm Tattoo Removal

This technique combines the application of Aloor® Alkaline solution with plasma treatment, aiming to offer several benefits over traditional pigment / tattoo removal methods:

* Enhanced Effectiveness in Pigment Removal:

The alkaline solution helps in breaking down pigments more effectively than standard solutions, due to its pH level that disrupts pigment structures. When combined with plasma treatment, which stimulates skin regeneration and healing, the result is more efficient and thorough removal of unwanted pigments.

Reduced Risk of Scarring & Faster Recovery:

The 2-step process promotes accelerated healing and collagen production, reducing scarring from pigment removal. Enhanced healing from plasma treatment leads to a quicker reduction of inflammation and discomfort.

* Enhanced Skin Quality & No Side Effects:

Beyond just removing pigments, the combination of alkaline solution and plasma treatment also improves overall skin texture and tone. Both alkaline solutions and plasma treatments are known for their minimal side effects compared to more invasive pigment removal methods.

Plasma pen method can also be used for 

Fine Lines

Dark Spots 


PMU and Tattoo Removal


Improves the skin structure, it safely lightens the pigment, works on fine lines and wrinkles, it also helps improving the skin structure and is perfect to treat scars, like microblading scars before procedure.

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