Cosmetic Tattoo Reminders

Tattoo Removal Aftercare

· In the next 4-5 weeks the client is required to pay attention to the following: Keep treated area clean, dry and moisture.  

· Washing routine: Wash treated area 2 times per day with neutral soap and water. Tap dry with tissue. Apply the thin layer of healing pomade. Continue for 10-14 days. During the next 4-5 weeks do not contact with steam, do not visit sauna, public pools, avoid contact with dirt and dust, sun and beauty treatments.  

· Do not touch the scab in any other case except while cleaning. 

· For post-treatment care use only recommended products to protect the treated area 

· Please do not use any other creams except the ones provided our recommended to you in order to prevent possible infections or allergic reactions. 

PIGMENT REMOVAL and their technicians are not liable in case of improper post-treatment care.  Absolutely NO refunds after any services will be given.